Sunday 5 August 2018

Add URL redirection or 301 Redirect through .htaccess file

To add URL redirection from old to new URL you can add by using the below mentioned code;

Redirect 301 old_URL new_URL

Here "old_URL" means relative path for example your old URL was something like: so you have to write only "/about/" do not include full url path and always exclude domain name in the URL.

And "new_URL" to have to mention full path/absolute part like ""

You can find the .htaccess file in WordPress root folder directory (Or project root folder) or create there if not present.


Code which need to add in .htaccess file is:

Redirect 301 /about-old/

Below is the video demonstration for above mentioned points.

Version at the time of demonstration
1) WordPress: 4.9.8
2) Localserver: XAMPP Control Panel v3.2.2
3) Visual Studio Code v1.25
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