Friday 1 September 2017

How to fix Cleanserp malware on Chrome browser?

Recently I have been facing issue on chrome browser; I don't know how I get the "cleanserp" malware on chrome, but each time I have to search something on google I had to first type then start my search and I was really pissed off by this malware. become the default browser search engine, to fix this malware I have searched and read so many articles and followed the instructions as they mentioned 

I am listing down the points I done but it did not fix the issue:
  • I deleted the caches. 
  • Reset Chrome settings.
  • Deleted the AppData files of google.
  • Even reinstalled the Chrome.
  • I even followed the instructions for Registry Editor and done as per those instruction.
  • I even took help from Technical Guy if he has any idea how to fix it, but it was no help.
After reading so may articles I finally came across one article on Google Forum (!topic/chrome/XB_ZM00B1VU)

In this sadeRe replied in forum with set of instructions and out of them I followed first:
1) I downloaded the Chrome Policy Remover (chrome will ask as this file can harm your computer just click on keep).
2) Go to files folder and run this file as administrator. 

And it fixed my issue of cleanserp from chrome.

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