Friday 22 September 2017

Social Feed Plugin to show social Media feeds of multiple accounts in WordPress

If you also has requirement to show feeds from your multiple social account "Social Feed" plugin can be more handy for the same.

You can follow the below steps use this plugin:

  • Login using WP Admin credentials.
  • Add Social Feed plugin (By Arrow Plugins) and activate it.
  • Then go to "Social Feed" in left menu and click on add new.
  • Name your Social Feed and select the appropriate settings under "General Settings" as per your preference then switch to second tab "Social Account Settings".
  • Enable Facebook feed settings and complete the URL of your FB page same for twitter and others also you can set the number of feeds to show per social profile.
  • When you finished with the settings then publish your Social Feed post.
  • Just after publish there would be Shortcode field copy that shortcode and apply where you want the feeds to appear.
Below you can refer the video for visual guide as per above mentioned instructions.

NOTE: We have used the free version of this plugin to achieve our requirement.

Version at the time of demonstration:
WordPress 4.8.2
Social Feed 1.1.4

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