Saturday 7 October 2017

How to customise bbPress — WordPress Plugins?

This tutorial is related to how to prepare the bbPress WP plugin for customisation, if you have requirement to make changes in the bbPress default provided designs and you don't know how to make the basic setup to make the customisation for this plugin. Then please follow the below instructions:

  1. Login using your WP credentials. 
  2. Install bbPress Plugin through add plugin.
  3. Made the basic settings/ create few test forums.
  4. To start making UI customisation go to following directory of your WordPress "\wp-content\plugins\bbpress\templates\default\bbpress" and copy the appropriate file you want to make change in our case its "loop-forums.php".
  5. Copy the file and paste it in your theme which is active and open in your preferred code editor.
  6. To confirm if we have appropriate or desired file make some testing like echo something and if you seeing the results then you are done if not then you have the wrong file, so find the appropriate and start coding.

Below I have mentioned a demonstration video of above mentioned points for visual go through.

Version at the time of demonstration:
WordPress: 4.8.2
bbPress: 2.5.14
Apache server: 2.4.9
PHP  5.5.12
MySQL: 5.6.17
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