Wednesday 4 October 2017

Publish your Twitter account Tweets automatically to your Facebook profile and Facebook page.

If you are managing Facebook page and also managing Tweeter account and want to publish your tweets automatically either to your FB page or profile or both, then follow the following steps to configure it:

  1. Login to Twitter account using Twitter credentials.
  2. Click on the small round image on the right top corner (Profile and Settings).
  3. A popup will appear and now click on the "Settings and Privacy" option/link.
  4. On left navigation bar find the "Apps" link and click on it.
  5. In the Applications list you can see the "Facebook Connect" option.
  6. In the right side of this you can find a button named "Connect to Facebook" click on this.
  7. A popup window will appear asking to Facebook authentication for Application setup, please login using those (Make sure you have logged in using the credetails which you want to connect to Twitter). 
  8. Now click on "Continue as YourFirstName" button.
  9. Now select who can see your posts on Facebook and click on "Ok" button at right bottom, after this popup window will close and congratulations you have connected your FB profile with twitter (After this if you see an option as mentioned in point number 11 proceed from there other wise follow below steps).
  10. Now go to your Apps (settings page) and go to FB connect section, there you can see the third option as "Allow posting to one of your pages." click on "Allow" link.
  11. A new popup window will appear for more authentications 😁. Now click on "Choose what you allow" and select the appropriate page you would like to post tweets automatically to. and click on "Ok".
  12. Now go to your Apps (settings page) and go to FB connect section, there you can see the option as "post to my Facebook page" and select the page from dropdown appearing just below it.
  13. Now you have connected your page also and you are done!

Below it video tutorial for demonstration of above mentioned points.

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